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If you're a beer enthusiast or just want to try something new, join The Original Craft Beer Club now and experience award-winning craft beers delivered straight to your doorstep. Don't miss out on this opportunity to taste unique and delicious craft beers from around the country. Subscribe today and get ready to indulge in a world of flavor!

7 Reasons to Choose The Original Craft Beer Club

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Why choose The Original Craft Beer Club?

Craft beer fans, rejoice! The Original Craft Beer Club has got you covered. Get monthly shipments of exclusive brews plus personal tasting notes from the Club's Certified Cicerone. Here are the top 7 reasons to join:

  1. Limited release beers
  2. Personalized tasting notes
  3. Certified Cicerone
  4. Monthly shipments
  5. Unique benefits
  6. Reason to choose
  7. Craft beer enthusiasts

Craft beer delivery

The Original Craft Beer Club is the premier beer delivery service. Here are 7 reasons to choose us!

  1. Handpicked selection – Our experts pick every beer, for high-quality craft beers.
  2. Convenience – Get your favorite beers, without leaving your home.
  3. Flexible plans – Choose monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly deliveries.
  4. No commitments – No long-term commitments, and you can cancel anytime.
  5. Exclusive brews – Our partnerships give us access to hard-to-find beers.
  6. Educational – Each delivery includes a newsletter with tasting notes and brewery history.
  7. Perfect gift – Gift subscriptions and gift certificates make it easy to share craft beer!

Unique beers from smaller breweries

The Original Craft Beer Club is a great pick if you're searching for special beers from tiny breweries. Here's why:

  1. Expertly Picked: Beer experts pick and curate craft beers from the top and lesser-known breweries around the nation.
  2. Fresh & High Quality: The beers are fresh, brewed in small batches and of the highest quality, giving a unique taste and flavor.
  3. Varied Beer Styles: Enjoy IPA, amber ale, lager, porter and more from The Original Craft Beer Club.
  4. Convenient: Get beer delivered to your doorstep, saving time and energy.
  5. Special Offers: Get discounts, free shipping and gifts with The Original Craft Beer Club.
  6. Self-Pampering: Treating yourself to craft beers is a form of self-care!
  7. Help Small Breweries: By choosing The Original Craft Beer Club, you support small and independent breweries.

Convenience of home delivery

The Original Craft Beer Club provides beer delivery right to your door! Here are 7 reasons why they are the best choice for craft beer:

  1. Quality selection: Beers are carefully picked from top breweries in the US.
  2. Flexibility: Frequency, quantity, and type of beer can be chosen.
  3. Generous amounts: 4 beer styles, 3-4 bottles each.
  4. Newsletter: Learn about the breweries and beers.
  5. Discount pricing: Subscribers get discounts.
  6. Great gift: A perfect present for beer-lovers.
  7. Convenient delivery: Enjoy your favorite beer at home, hassle-free!

Exclusive beers

Customers should join The Original Craft Beer Club! It offers exclusive craft beers not found anywhere else. Each month, members get 12 bottles of craft beer. They are chosen by the Club's panel of experts. The beers come from celebrated breweries in the U.S. and around the world. They are rare and hard to find. So why wait? Join The Original Craft Beer Club now!

Monthly selections from different regions of the world

The Original Craft Beer Club is a special club for exclusive beer lovers. Each month, you'll get to try premium and hard-to-find craft beers from different areas. Here are seven reasons why you should join:

  1. Premium selection; chosen by experts, with unusual flavors and brewing techniques.
  2. Exclusive beers; not found in stores or online.
  3. Different regions; explore global brewing traditions.
  4. Convenience; delivered right to your doorstep.
  5. Flexible subscription; monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.
  6. Cost-effective; high quality beers, at an affordable price.
  7. Gift options; treat a beer lover in your life.

Pro tip: The Original Craft Beer Club also provides food pairing suggestions with each beer, to increase the drinking experience.

Curated selection by experts in the industry

Love craft beer? Check out The Original Craft Beer Club. Here's why it's the perfect option:

  1. Expert Selection: The club's experts pick out exclusive craft beers from around the globe.
  2. Quality: Small-batch, top-notch ingredients.
  3. Variety: IPAs, stouts and more.
  4. Convenience: Get them right to your door.
  5. Educational: Learn about each beer with info and tasting notes.
  6. Cost-effective: Discounts and free shipping.
  7. Customizable: Choose subscription frequency, and number of beers.

Pro Tip: Give The Original Craft Beer Club as a gift. Unique and exciting!

Rare and limited-edition beers

For craft beer enthusiasts, finding rare and limited-edition beers with unique flavors can be a challenge. The Original Craft Beer Club is the perfect solution! Here's why you should join:

  1. Unbeatable Selection: Small, independent breweries not found in local stores.
  2. Expertly Curated: Handpicked by a team of beer connoisseurs.
  3. Customizable: Pick your favorite beers and tastes.
  4. Convenient Delivery: Straight to your doorstep.
  5. Tasting Notes & Pairing Suggestions: Enhance your beer experience.
  6. Member Discounts: Get exclusive discounts on reorders.
  7. Gift Options: Personalize gifts for your beer-loving friends.

Choose The Original Craft Beer Club for an extraordinary beer experience!

Subscription Options

The Original Craft Beer Club is awesome! Get delicious craft beer delivered right to your home. Three subscription options to choose from – each one different. Enjoy yummy craft beers with any choice.

Let's explore what they have to offer. Which one would be best for you?

Flexible subscription options

The Original Craft Beer Club offers flexible subscription options, so you can have the perfect beer-lover lifestyle. Choose:

  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Quarterly subscriptions


  • Three
  • Six
  • Or twelve-month durations

Pause or cancel without any fees or penalties. Customize your beer selection by asking for specific beer styles or brands.

Gift a subscription to a fellow beer-lover. Shipping is included in the cost, and you can ship to most US states. Enjoy delicious craft beers from award-winning breweries.

Pro Tip: Test different subscription durations and frequencies to find the best fit for your beer-drinking needs.

Ability to pause or skip months

The Original Craft Beer Club is a standout for its flexibility and convenience. Subscribers can pause or skip shipments, without any extra fees or long-term contracts. Plus, they get unique, high-quality craft beers from small-batch breweries. The company has 25+ years of craft beer experience and sends educational materials with each shipment.

Here's why it's great:

  1. Carefully curated selection
  2. High-quality standards
  3. Flexibility
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Gift options
  6. Convenience
  7. Expertise

Pro tip: Sign up for The Original Craft Beer Club and get unique, quality craft beer with the flexibility to pause or skip shipments.

Gifts and gift subscriptions available

The Original Craft Beer Club offers amazing gift ideas for beer lovers. From monthly beer clubs, gift certificates, and custom gift baskets to beer-themed accessories and merch – you'll find something for every occasion. Impress your loved ones with the gift of beer!

Here are some reasons to choose The Original Craft Beer Club for your gift subscription service:

  1. They source beer only from the best craft breweries in the country.
  2. 100% satisfaction guarantee for every shipment.
  3. They provide tasting notes, brewery histories, and pairing suggestions.
  4. Beer selection is always changing – unique experience with each delivery.
  5. Choose from monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly delivery options.
  6. Beers curated by beer enthusiasts and certified beer judges.
  7. Gift recipients get to experience new and hard-to-find beers from across the US.

Educational Experience

The Original Craft Beer Club offers a knowledge-filled journey for both beginners and connoisseurs! Get a dozen craft beers each month from two award-winning American breweries. You'll also get an educational newsletter featuring the stories behind each brewery and their beers. Plus, read articles, recipes, food pairings and more. With The Original Craft Beer Club, you can learn all about craft beer culture, flavors and styles. Become a master of craft beer today!

Detailed tasting notes and beer profiles

Become a member of The Original Craft Beer Club and get amazing perks! You'll receive beers with detailed tasting notes and profiles to make your experience educational. Each shipment comes with a newsletter featuring the beer's description, history, region, and ingredients used. Plus, the newsletter has aroma, flavor, body, and finish tasting notes for you to learn more about craft beer. You'll also get info about the brewing process and brewery, so you can understand the craft beer industry better. These profiles and notes will help you appreciate craft beer and become an informed consumer.

Food pairing suggestions

Pairing food and beer can make for a great experience. Try these pairings:

  1. IPAs: Go with spicy food like tacos or wings.
  2. Brown ales: Go with grilled meats or roasted veggies.
  3. Wheat beers: Perfect for salads, seafood and light pasta dishes.
  4. Stouts: Great with desserts like cake or ice cream.
  5. Pilsners: Ideal for fried food like fish and chips.
  6. Sour beers: Pair with cheese boards, fruit and cured meats.
  7. Porters: Robust flavors match well with stews and chili.

Pro tip: Experiment to find the perfect match!

Virtual brewery tours included

Joining The Original Craft Beer Club is not only about getting craft beers each month. It also provides virtual brewery tours that offer an educational experience to beer enthusiasts. Here are the 7 reasons to choose The Original Craft Beer Club:

  1. Unique and hard-to-find craft beers from around the nation.
  2. Flexibility of monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly delivery.
  3. Virtual brewery tours – explore the brewing process and meet brewers.
  4. Individual tasting notes and brewery history for every beer.
  5. Skip a month or pause subscription anytime.
  6. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  7. Home delivery service.

P.S: Craft beer lovers, this subscription will please your taste buds and the virtual brewery tours will make it special!

Community and Social Network

Searching for craft beer-lovers? Look no further! The Original Craft Beer Club is the perfect place. With them, you get the best microbreweries' craft beers. Plus, you join an exclusive community and social network. Here's a few benefits of becoming a member:

  • Access to the best microbreweries' craft beers
  • Exclusive community and social network of craft beer enthusiasts

Access to online community and chat rooms

Be a part of The Original Craft Beer Club community and enjoy 3 amazing advantages!

  • Meet like-minded people: Get to know people who are passionate about craft beer, just like you.
  • Share knowledge and experience: Use the online chats and forums to share ideas, recommend breweries, and discuss craft beer topics.
  • Get exclusive offers and discounts: Reap the benefits of exclusive offers & discounts that are not open to the public.

Meet and connect with other craft beer enthusiasts

Experience the Original Craft Beer Club! Here are 7 reasons to join:

  1. Get access to delicious, rare craft beers from small breweries.
  2. Learn about different flavors from brewing regions.
  3. Connect with like-minded beer enthusiasts online.
  4. Get monthly newsletters with tips, interviews, and events.
  5. Enjoy members-only discounts on merchandise and beer.
  6. Gift a membership to a friend or family member.
  7. Support small, independent breweries and help grow the craft beer industry.

Share favorite beers and experiences

Sharing your favorite beers and experiences is a great way to meet people and broaden your knowledge of craft beer. Join The Original Craft Beer Club to connect with like-minded individuals. You can take part in various activities to appreciate the art of brewing. Here's why you should select The Original Craft Beer Club as your go-to resource for discovering new brews and connecting with beer fans.

  1. They have a wide selection of unique and hard-to-find beers.
  2. Their subscription makes it easy to try new beers regularly.
  3. They provide tasting notes and food pairing recommendations for each beer.
  4. They have a passionate team of beer experts.
  5. They offer discounts on future purchases with rewards program.
  6. They organize virtual tastings and brewery tours for members.
  7. They provide a platform for members to connect and share their favorite beers and experiences.

Join The Original Craft Beer Club to learn about new brews, taste new flavors, and meet other craft beer lovers.

Sustainability and Responsibility

The Original Craft Beer Club (OCBC) is perfect for those searching for sustainable and responsible beer. OCBC looks to source the best craft beer globally. Plus, they promote sustainability and responsibility. Here's why you should pick OCBC for your craft beer needs.

Partnerships with eco-conscious breweries

Partnering with eco-conscious breweries? That's the key to The Original Craft Beer Club's success! Here's why it's a great eco-friendly choice:

  1. They search for breweries that use renewable energy and reduce waste.
  2. They prefer to support small, local breweries over mass-produced ones.
  3. They minimize their carbon footprint by sourcing beer from nearby.
  4. Their packaging is 100% recyclable. Plus, they ship with the Carbon Neutral Program.
  5. You don't need to worry about single-use bottles or cans.
  6. They partner with Trees for the Future to help offset the environmental impact of shipping.
  7. Supporting eco-conscious breweries through The Original Craft Beer Club helps create a sustainable future.

Environmentally conscious packaging materials

As the world wakes up to the probs of climate change, businesses must find ways to cut their carbon footprint and embrace sustainable practices. One way to do this is with packaging – and going green with packaging materials is a must. Here are some worthy ones:

  • Biodegradable plastics which break down in the environment
  • Compostable materials like cornstarch and wheat bran which can be used to feed the soil
  • Recycled materials like cardboard and paper – they help reduce greenhouse gases and conserve water
  • Plant-based materials like bamboo and sugarcane which are renewable, biodegradable and compostable

By opting for eco-packaging materials, companies can lessen their environmental impact and take responsibility for climate change. Pro Tip: When shopping, look out for green packaging and choose brands that prioritize sustainability. Your choice can make a difference!

Support of local communities through brewery partnerships

Partnering with local breweries can be a powerful way to lend a hand to community sustainability initiatives. Here are 7 advantages of picking The Original Craft Beer Club:

  1. Investing in the community: Supporting local breweries helps them grow, invest in their community and create jobs.
  2. Minimizing carbon footprint: Selecting local breweries decreases the carbon footprint of transportation and distribution.
  3. Protecting local flavors: By choosing local breweries, you can protect unique and authentic regional flavors.
  4. Encouraging sustainable practices: Local breweries prioritize sustainability and environmental stewardship.
  5. Strengthening the local economy: Supporting local breweries reinforces the local economy, and keeps money within the community.
  6. Boosting community relationships: Partnering with local breweries builds relationships between community members and businesses.
  7. Philanthropy: Local breweries often get involved in charitable giving and community initiatives, and partnering with them can contribute to these initiatives.

Pro tip: The Original Craft Beer Club allows you to discover new flavors and back sustainability within your community at the same time.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

The Original Craft Beer Club has earned a great reputation! Customers rate the beers and customer service as superb. Let's look at some reviews and feedback from The Original Craft Beer Club. It's been praised over the years!

Positive feedback and reviews from happy customers

Customer reviews and feedback are essential for The Original Craft Beer Club. Here's why:

  1. Building trust – good reviews show previous customers had a great experience.
  2. Quality assurance – reviews prove the products meet customer expectations.
  3. Insider info – people can give valuable insight.
  4. Social proof – shows the brand's credibility.
  5. Easier decision-making – helps potential customers.
  6. Continuous improvement – they can offer better products and services.
  7. Personal connection – encourages customer loyalty.

Pro Tip: Read customer reviews and feedback when buying something. Make an informed decision.

Testimonials from satisfied subscribers

The Original Craft Beer Club has received lots of great feedback from their subscribers. They love the quality of their products and service. Here's what some of them had to say:

  1. “Never disappointed! Customer service is awesome!” – Andrea S.
  2. “Been subscribed to other clubs, but this one's the best!” – Mike P.
  3. Quality beer and convenient delivery – priceless!” – Alison R.
  4. “Trying new craft beers, never disappointed!” – Steven D.
  5. “Been a subscriber for over a year, always great!” – Sarah L.
  6. “Craft beer lovers, sign up for this Club!” – John K.

These glowing reviews are why The Original Craft Beer Club is perfect for beer enthusiasts who value quality and convenience.

Trustworthy and reliable service.

The Original Craft Beer Club has been serving up handcrafted beers since 1992. It's a reliable beer subscription service with loads of positive reviews!

Here's why you should choose them:

  1. They have a diverse selection from independent breweries across the country.
  2. Each shipment comes with tasting notes & food pairing suggestions, plus it's all hand-picked by experts.
  3. Flexible subscription options & the ability to skip or pause deliveries whenever.
  4. 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you're not happy, they'll replace your beer.
  5. Customer service team is knowledgeable & responsive.
  6. All shipments are packed & delivered swiftly.
  7. They support small & independent breweries, giving customers the chance to discover new beers & support the craft beer industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The Original Craft Beer Club?

A: The Original Craft Beer Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers unique craft beers from across the country straight to your doorstep.

Q: What sets The Original Craft Beer Club apart from other beer clubs?

A: The Original Craft Beer Club focuses on showcasing small, independent breweries that produce high-quality, hand-crafted beers. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Q: How many beers come in each shipment?

A: Each shipment includes 12 beers, with four different styles (three of each) from two different breweries.

Q: Are there any commitments or contracts?

A: No, there are no commitments or contracts. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

Q: Can I customize my beer selection?

A: While we do not offer customization, we are confident that you will enjoy the selection of unique and flavorful beers curated by our beer experts.

Q: Is your packaging eco-friendly?

A: Yes, our packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable. We also use biodegradable and compostable materials whenever possible.

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If you're a beer enthusiast or just want to try something new, join The Original Craft Beer Club now and experience award-winning craft beers delivered straight to your doorstep. Don't miss out on this opportunity to taste unique and delicious craft beers from around the country.Subscribe today and get ready to indulge in a world of flavor!